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US-1281444-A: Tile or paving-block. patent, US-1281510-A: Brake-rigging. patent, US-1282874-A: Shoe. patent, US-128308-A: Improvement in lamp-shade supporters patent, US-1283550-A: Steam-superheater. patent, US-1283951-A: Process of treating silicious minerals for the production of chemical compounds. patent, US-1283953-A: Hose-supporter clasp. patent, US-128440-A: Improvement in treating saccharine liquids patent, US-1284454-A: Automatic egg-boiler. patent, US-1284833-A: Valve. patent, US-1285726-A: Anthraquinone derivative and process of making same. patent, US-1285756-A: Latch for farm-gates. patent, US-1285891-A: Paving-block for roadways and other surfaces. patent, US-1286390-A: Collar. patent, US-1286501-A: Lap ring or link. patent, US-1286557-A: Cultivator. patent, US-1287495-A: Automobile-heater. patent, US-1287859-A: Dress. patent, US-128792-A: Improvement in stove-lid lifters patent, US-1288122-A: Wall sprinkler-head. patent, US-1289173-A: Laundry-tray. patent, US-1289535-A: Toe-calk-sharpening block. patent, US-1289842-A: Tank-heater. patent, US-1290676-A: Box-sealing machine. patent, US-1292114-A: Locking device for motor-vehicles. patent, US-1292303-A: Wave-engine. patent, US-1294108-A: Tier. patent, US-1294353-A: Vehicle shock-absorber. patent, US-1294407-A: Water butt. patent, US-1294644-A: Electric connector. patent, US-1295050-A: Grenade, projectile, and the like. patent, US-129509-A: Improvement in lamps patent, US-1296034-A: Gate. patent, US-1296396-A: Metallic railway-tie. patent, US-1297254-A: Illuminated aquarium. patent, US-1297943-A: Dish-cleaner. patent, US-1297976-A: Railroad-tie. patent, US-1298358-A: Oven. patent, US-1298465-A: Generator. patent, US-1299611-A: Soldier's headwear. patent, US-129963-A: Improvement in corn-droppers patent, US-1300168-A: Fruit-picker. patent, US-130025-A: Improvement in fruit-baskets patent, US-1300357-A: Process of treating paper-pulp. patent, US-1301119-A: Display device. patent, US-1301435-A: Button-fastener. patent, US-1301826-A: Egg-crate. patent, US-1301928-A: Projectile-fuse time-train ring. patent, US-130210-A: Improvement in hasps for trunk-locks patent, US-1302146-A: Pulverizer and roller. patent, US-1302289-A: Oil-can. patent, US-1302291-A: Flexible coupling. patent, US-1302447-A: Rim for pneumatic tires. patent, US-130244-A: Improvement in calculating-machines patent, US-1302481-A: Cuspidor-cleaner. patent, US-1302619-A: Collet-chuck. patent, US-1302935-A: Fountain-pen patent, US-1302945-A: Cropottlos patent, US-1303560-A: Hair-spring-collet remover. patent, US-1303946-A: Two thirty-seconds to clarence h patent, US-1304519-A: Valve patent, US-1304689-A: Typographical machine patent, US-1305435-A: Ments patent, US-1305637-A: Armored automobile patent, US-1305789-A: Windmill patent, US-130583-A: Improvement in key-hole guards patent, US-1306038-A: George t patent, US-1306767-A: Automatic rough-ball grinder patent, US-1307023-A: Toepedo-gitabd patent, US-1307550-A: Illustbative phonograph patent, US-1307966-A: francis patent, US-1308195-A: Planoqraph co patent, US-1308220-A: Planograpii co patent, US-1309302-A: Geobgs eagz patent, US-1309727-A: Whence patent, US-131145-A: Improvement in shutter-fasteners patent, US-1312476-A: Bwcuke ahd rabxatob patent, US-1312606-A: Caliperxura device patent, US-1313034-A: Gear-cutting tool. patent, US-1314058-A: Hugo e patent, US-1314193-A: George hipwood patent, US-131437-A: Improvement in subaqueous tunnels patent, US-1314635-A: Circular milling-machine patent, US-1315237-A: Equalizer fob dynamo-electric machines patent, US-1315446-A: Apparatus foe patent, US-131594-A: Improvement in pulley-blocks patent, US-1315971-A: Furnace patent, US-1316638-A: Spool-holdibtg spindle patent, US-1317234-A: Stbetcheb patent, US-1317335-A: Bywamo-frame patent, US-1317874-A: Fluid-operated percussive drill. patent, US-131790-A: Improvement in thrashing-machines patent, US-1318021-A: Horace m patent, US-1318259-A: Resilient wheel patent, US-1318738-A: Plahoorapii patent, US-1319324-A: Device patent, US-1319589-A: Process of extracting iron from its ore patent, US-132017-A: Improvement in concaves for corn-shellers patent, US-1320242-A: Contact-plug patent, US-13202-A: Marine-steam-engine governor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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